Pacific Capital Partners Unipessoal LDA announces the investment by its US-based subsidiary – Airbrands, LLC – in bTd Travel Holding Corp – owner of Business Travel Deals bTd USA, and also bTd Brazil and bTd Portugal

In 2021, bTd generated gross bookings in excess of US$2MM and gross private jet sales in excess of US$1MM, with a platform of over 1000 customers

Pacific Capital Partners is the European Union subsidiary of US-based Prim Ventures, Inc. comprising an exceptional group of experienced professionals investing in unique and forward-thinking ideas, businesses and products in a variety of categories, such as FMR Brands, responsible for launches in Portugal such as Savage Lyf, Savage Energy and RTD2, the new drinks with natural, organic and sustainable ingredients that will revolutionize our market. 

As such, and according to Doriane Zalewski, Marketing Director of Pacific Capital Partners, “bTd was soon identified as a potential strategic investment in conjunction with Pacific Capital Partners’ beverage and consumer goods division.” 

bTd is led by Manoel Suhet, a former global airline executive with experience in international oil distribution and credentials from leading business schools such as M.I.T, Harvard and The Wharton. bTd aims to change the business and leisure travel industry by offering a one-stop travel app using A.I. with on-demand personalised concierge services. The platform offers multiple services such as booking a business flight or private jet in one app. Luxury travellers can also search for Private Villas and Resorts; Cruises and Yachts; Cars, RVs and Executive Drivers worldwide.

In 2021, bTd generated gross bookings of over $2MM and gross private jet sales of over $1MM, with a platform of over 1000 customers. That same year, the company generated sales of almost US$400k, and positive EBITDA, despite being its first year. By the end of this year, bTd plans to launch a new version of the application with additional features that will enable the company to automate many of its processes, improving its customer journey and optimising the company’s profitability. 

Pacific Capital Partners’ Manager of Strategy and Planning, Enrique Lanata, said bTd “targets a niche between the traditional commercial flight market and the often inaccessible private aircraft market. The platform exploits opportunities that exist in an industry full of inefficiencies, connecting supply and demand, leveraging technology and innovation.” 

He added, “Pacific Capital Partners sees bTd as a company with an attractive position in a segment with high potential, and a company that meets many of the characteristics Pacific Capital Partners looks for in its investments: margin, scale, sustainability, and synergies. bTd offers Pacific Capital Partners a good platform to maximise value through the different investments in its portfolio, mostly in the food technology, beverage, and entertainment segments.”