NewGang Produções, a portfolio company of Pacific Capital Partners Unipessoal LDA, organized two hugely successful events this past week; Só Trap (in Lisbon; Lisboa Ao Vivo) and Newgang Summer Edition Festival (at the Super Bock Arena in Porto).

Só Trap brought together top Brazilian trap acts such as Felix G, Wiu, Teto, Oruam, and Spark. In Porto, the same artists were then joined by Matuê – the top hip hop artist in Brazil. With a combined Spotify monthly listeners in the tens of millions, the Newgang Summer Edition Festival made for a memorable event. Ini Ghidirmic, the director of Pacific Capital Partners, found himself backstage for both events. He had this to say: “PCP has been a strategic partner of NewGang Produções for about a year. We have seen Lucas [Eduardo Gonçalves] and Junior [Hilton Ribeiro Jr.] grow the Brazilian trap music scene in Lisbon steadily but without compromising their founding principles. They place artists and audience first. Furthermore, they consistently put their heart and soul into making one event more memorable and professionally organized than the prior one.
This was highlighted throughout the evening in Porto. Although every singer had their own distinct style, each one was having genuine fun and it looked like there was no place else that they’d rather be than on the stage. The energy was electrifying from the beginning to end but when Matuê picked up the mic, the arena EXPLODED with cheers and applauses of support. At one point very early into the set, a fan invaded the stage and the security guard took him away. But Matuê brought the fan back from the grips of security to complete the song. This is not something that one sees every day.

PCP could not be any prouder of Lucas and Junior and their entire NewGang team. We look forward to assisting this organization reach new heights in the near future.”