Black Deer Festival 2023 took place between Jun 16, 2023 –Jun 18, 2023 in Eridge Park, Kent, United Kingdom. Messrs. Ini Ghidirmic and Enrique Lanata serve as directors of Black Deer Live Limited – the event promoter. As consultants for the affiliated entity investing in BDLL, attending the event in person provided PCP’s financial team (which includes also Mr. Andre Coelho) with the opportunity to review operations and organizations from up close. Mr. Lanata stated that “BDF23 provided a great opportunity to see for the first time the scope of a festival of this category, without any type of effect linked to Covid-19; a chance to identify the values that make this genre unique and learn from our successes and failures to guarantee our client an even better festival year after year.” Mr. Coelho echoed these sentiments: “With our direction of Black Dear we hope to create more and more expectations next editions and during the year with some surprises. We come with the ambition to make this festival better and better, never giving up its core values, but focusing on quality and excellence.”

At the event, a few FMR Brands products were also being served at the bars. These were new RTD2 recipes of Ranch Water (original and berries) as well as Finnish Long Drink. RTD2 was joined by REFIX – the official beverage sponsor – an affiliate of PCP. Representing FMR Brands at the event were Messrs. Lourival Barreto and Peter Trinfa. Ini Ghidirmic stated that Black Deer Festival was the first foray of FMR Brands outside of mainland EU. The live music event provided the team with the opportunity to review attendees’ comments regarding PCP’s products. “The information received from the audience as well as the bar operations company – Peppermint Events – is invaluable in helping our team to tailor the beverage composition as well as fine-tune our marketing activation strategies. Although with respect to our ready-to-drink beverages (RTD2) the UK is not on our immediate horizon, we know that eventually we will make the leap across the channel as the UK is an important market for our growth strategy,” said Mr. Ghidirmic.