Black Deer – new Americana & country
music festival

Traveling made easy. Sit back and enjoy.

Award-winning celebration of Americana music & culture. Black Deer Festival’s 2023 edition is already confirmed for 16 to 18th of June.

Black Deer Festival is a joyous celebration of Americana.

Black Deer is a new Americana & Country Music Festival held in Eridge Park (a village and historic park located in East Sussex, England). It is the largest festival of its kind in Europe. In 2022, the headline acts belonged to artists Van Morrison, as well as Black Sea Entertainment managed artist Franky Perez.

Pacific Capital Partner’s investment in Black Deer Festival was a challenging one due to the many uncertainties related to COVID as well as market volatilities stemming from recent geopolitical tensions in Europe. However, we deeply believe in this festival and also see it as a strategic platform and an outlet for PCP’s beverages and consumer goods division – FMR Brands.